Friday, May 11, 2012

Chibi Gamzee Makara amigurumi

I haven't posted in months, so I've got to make up for it while I'm able to. lol

A friend of mine requested a plushie from me a long time ago...he showed me pictures, and I honestly had no idea what in the world this guy was supposed to be. I'd never heard of Gamzee, but evidently, my friend and his lady are crazy about the webcomic he's from (turns out, so are a few of my friends). After putting it off for months, I was lucky enough to get it done a few days before their anniversary...but unfortunately, his lady didn't get until after it had already passed. :P Curse you, international shipping. At least she loved it. :)

I had to create my own pattern...I wanted to add some kind of cute flair to him, so I thought a chibi form might be nice. He turned out great. ^-^

Before I sewed his horns on...this is how tall they were. 

After his fluffy ass hair. :P It took me HOURS to finish. 

Side view 

Hair pulled back

It didn't take too long once I committed to it...that's how it always is, though, isn't it? >.<

Misty cosplay bag

Well, since I'm already here...

A few months ago, Jordan and I decided we'd try to cosplay as Ash and Misty at our next anime convention. He decided to get all hipster on me (in his own words), because everyone in the world cosplays Misty and Ash, so we're doing something different for Anime Blues. With any luck, I'll get everything finished soon!

Here's the Misty bag I designed. It took me AGES to finally finish it. I got frustrated more than once, since I was just making my own from scratch, so I put it down for a long time...but here it is, complete and super cool.

Side view 



I just love it.

I hand sewed the zippers on...I'm not so good at sewing, so it took a million years...but there it is, in all its awesome glory. Can you tell I'm proud of myself? :P


An ode to hats...

I've made a few things since January...actually, I made some of them in the middle of last year and just never got around to posting matter. :P An image heavy post regarding hats!!

To start...I made this before I made my Soul Eater hat. This was for a friend of mine. Death the Kid.
 Right side

 Left side

Pardon the derpy expression. :P

This is the hat I made for my mom for Chrimmas. It's a convertible hat, which I made from April Folt's pattern. It turned out great, but I don't think my mom has actually worn it. :P

 As a slouchy hat

 Props to my friend for sportin' the ponytail. :P

From the was so freaking adorable on her!

My dad also requested a hat for Chrimmas...he's a huge fan of Android. He wanted it to be green and everything. :P
 My brother, keepin' it gangster. :P

 From the top!

Us. :3

My little brother wanted a hat (no, the littler one than the above pictured), so I tried finding one online that I liked...there wasn't one. I picked up that yarn, because it was the same type that I used for my mom's hat, and it was also soft and awesome, and just made stuff up as I went. I lovelovelove how it turned out...even if it isn't finished. It was supposed to be a Chrimmas present, too. >.>;
 Front, pre-face


I think I actually like it better without the face. :P

Nearly finished sewing on the details...even though I haven't touched it in months... x.x

I've been requested to make another one for a friend of a friend...they're going to the same anime convention that I'm going to, though, so I don't think that's going to work out very well. >.>;;


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Old Amigurumi: Part Two

So, honestly, I haven't done an amigurumi in a long while. For a few months, I've been focused on hats and other useful things...I'm trying not to let a whole bunch of practice stuffies clutter the place. But, truth be told, I have a small shoebox full of silly things I haven't finished yet. Like my goomba, my Mini Mario Mushroom, some other crazy assorted things...yeah. I guess I could show a couple of things. :3

Here's a little keychain I was supposed to make for my mom, because she loves pink and other silly colors...I really need to finish this, because I'm fairly close. Anyway...

This is a little octopus that I started on. I found the pattern on Craftster and had to tweak it, because the original was gigantic. Absolutely huge. And the tentacles were different, though I don't remember how...maybe I made them longer, I can't's been a while since I've worked on this.

I know my mom loved it, so, for the life of me, I don't know why I just tucked it away and forgot about it. It's cute, though...maybe I'll sew the tentacles on and give it to her soon. I definitely should. :P

And this is a pattern that I made myself, to go along with an incomplete present that was supposed to be for my cousin's graduation gift. It seems like I have a habit of setting deadlines for myself that I can never live up to...and then when they pass, I kinda just toss the project aside. >.<;;; No longer!! Well, maybe. >.> *sigh* Anyway, here they are.

If you can't tell, they're little amigurumi bananas. :3 I need to sew the tops on. x.x

And amigurumi that I forgot to post but which is, surprisingly, finished!!


Mario hat!!

Kirby in a Mario hat!!

I got this pattern from Nerdigurumi...the fellow that I made it for basically went bonkers. He loves his Kirby, and I love Nerdigurumi! Here, have a link. Mine is a little more chibi-fied. ;D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Part One: Old Amigurumi

Well, here you have it. I've got the I figured I'd post pictures of all my old amigurumi. :) This particular blog will be...very image heavy. Very.

I'll start with my first amigurumi. :D

This is a little siamese cat I made. Where I sewed the parts on her...well, let's just say it's a complete mess, and so is the tail I created. :P For my first amigurumi, though, it wasn't so bad!

The second amigurumi I ever made:

This is a teeny, extra fat rendition of my husband's grandmother's chihuahua, Pixie. I had to sort of substitute with the tail here, but I stuck to the original pattern everywhere else. It was just a very short version of the original pattern, so it was simple enough.

And this is the pattern I used for both of these little guys:
The other creations on this blog are great, too...but I figured it was a simple pattern to start out with, so it was really awesome when they turned out the way they did. *puffs up with pride* Moving on!

In the making... 

The farthest I got. :P I'd have sewn on his other little tooth, but I got exhausted with the effort of stitching as an inexperienced sew-ess. My one-toothed Goomba!

I looove this little guy. The sad part is...I still haven't finished him. xD His feet are just pinned to his body...maybe I'll finish him one day, but he was giving me some kind of trouble with those cute little feet of his. :P And here's his pattern:
I'm a regular Nerdigurumi follower. <3 She. Is. Awesome. So awesome. For my first ever hand-sewn-with-a-tiny-needle-and-thread project, he turned out okay. Not as good as the original...but I don't mind much, because he's still cool as hell. :D Browse the site, you'll find some incredibly awesome stuff!

Just so you know, I apologize for this next one. Profusely. I took so many pictures. <33


Side view 

Top view 

3/4 side view 

Other 3/4 side view

I made this one for my husband. And since he loves orange so much, obviously I made this fellow orange. He is so small, and I packed him soo hard...if I threw him at your face, you'd end up with a broken nose. I do not exaggerate. Since I was just starting out, I figured I'd try using a small needle to hold in all the poly-fil. I didn't want it sticking out at all...and it doesn't. And, if you'll notice, the spots on his head have holes in them because the stitches were so small and packed so tightly together...I had blisters, guys. BLISTERS. It took me days to finish him...and by the time he was done, I had muscly hands. Those muscles on my hands had muscles. My hands were ripped. Anyway...I deviated from the pattern a little and made the feet myself, using a little bit of Nerdigurumi's magic. They're flat on the bottom, but they are, essentially, little half moons. I did a little bit of my own magic to make it happen, and I like them a lot. Not surprisingly, they're a little easier to sew on, so I enjoyed them thoroughly. Here's the pattern:
Soooo many awesome things!! One of my favorite blogs to follow. When I saw this site, I didn't know what I wanted to do first! Ahhh, Wolfdreamer is spectacular. Give this lady a shot, she's amazing. <3

This next one, I also adore. He is also very tiny, and also very hard. Though not quite as bad as Toad, he could still inflict a black eye upon you.

Bobomb! :D 

Side view 

In all his lovely glory. <3

When I showed my dad this, he loved it. Dad played Super Mario 64 with us all the time when we were kids. Many fond memories did the N64 give me...that was the life. ^-^ Anyway, he worked up a lot faster than Toad did, so he was a little side project I started on while I was working on Toad for Jordan. He's so adorable, I could never stay mad at him...even if he gave me a black eye. <3 Here's the pattern...another of WolfDreamer's:
Did I mention she's awesome? Because...she is.

Not to be outdone myself, I decided to create my own little pattern. It was difficult (as I was a beginner), but well worth it. He still rests...unfinished. >.> But I'll get around to it eventually. This is my very own Teeny Tiny Mario Mushroom!

Ain't he just the cutest thing you ever saw? :D <3

Once again, I must ask you to forgive me. Moar many pictures! This is my little squirrel amigurumi. I used the same pattern from my first amigurumi for the body and legs (though modified to my own tastes), but I created the ears, snout, belly and tail fluff, and the tail on my own. I know now, after looking at it (since not a lot of planning went into its creation) what I would do differently. But it's still cute as a button!

I found the acorn pattern somewhere...and I created my own pattern for the leaf based off of another pattern I found...but I can't recall where in blazes they came from, for which I apologize. :( But I still really like how he turned out. <3 So cute.

FINALLY. I am done flooding your computer with images of my first creations. I hope you like them...and, for future reference, I'll be making more. The likelihood of them coming from at least one of these sites, however, is pretty high. :P Keep yer eyes peeled, mateys. <3

Monday, December 12, 2011

Soul Eater: Soul Slouchy Hat

It's been a really long time since I've posted...I haven't done much to be honest. I went through a dry spell, but after attending A2F in Springdale, I got inspired to finish a this piece and start on a few others. Christmas will, hopefully, be fun for everyone. With any luck, I'll be posting a lot of new blogs after the holidays.

As I've said in previous posts, inspiration for a lot of my hats has been April Folts. This hat isn't any's a play off of a plain hat design, with my own little twist.

Aaand, from the top!
 Top view, without my head in it.

Top view, with my head in it. 

From the right side. 

From the left side. 

And of course, in action.

Soul was my favorite character in Soul Eater. Really, I adore him...and after I made the Kid hat for my friend, I just had to make this one for me. It turned out better than I was originally expecting, to be honest. I made the patches out of felt and sewed them on with thread, but the rest of it is (obviously) crocheted. I love it. :)

Once again, I used this pattern:

Good luck in making all the awesome. :D